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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weird Day So Far

I'm having a weird day. I dreamed last night I left my purse at a movie theater and they demanded a $1,500 ransom. I said, "Let me see it for a minute -- I want to make sure it's mine." Then I ran out with it. Then I returned with crumpled McDonalds bags in my pockets and started throwing them at the lady: "Look, I left garbage here! How much will you charge for it? How much?"

I have issues.

Also a bit of advice for other cubicle dwellers: If you decide to put your hair up mid-morning and you grab a hair spray bottle out of your desk to tame a few straggly hairs, do NOT choose a hairspray bottle you haven't used in months if not years. Especially if it's some cheapo Walgreens hair spray you never use.

One spritz and I remembered why I never use it. I'm still smelling it while I'm sitting here editing. It's driving me crazy. Sigh.

On a brighter, more self-indulgent note, I drove into work today. Parked in the platinum-priced basement of my paper's downtown Financial District building. Ron's been working 15-hour days at the JP Morgan conference and something has got to give. I could get used to this.

In other news, Rio recently released its new logo for the Olympics. Looks like a thong. Although perhaps that's appropriate. This is a very multi-layered design, however. It's supposed to represent unity and its silhouette evokes the country's Pão de Açucar (“Sugarloaf”) mountain. The colors are those of the Brazillian flag. Sometimes logos can get a little too cute.

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