Benny and his friend Griffin at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Short and Not-So-Sweet

[BabySpace is back! Here are few vignettes to bridge the gap to February.]

** Somebody told me about a joke going around Canada -- they were worried I'd be offended. It's a game really. You sit around in a busy public space and watch women. (It's not kinky, I promise.) The name of the game: "Midwest or Lesbian?" I died laughing.

** Benny went to a New Year's party with us and obligingly went to sleep in a guest bedroom. When I checked on him at 11:30, he was awake, so I asked if he'd like to join the party. He sat up and excitedly asked, "Party?" Then he grabbed his little paper party hat and ran for the bedroom door. He watched the ball drop with the rest of the party and then we brought him home. He's still wearing the hat today.

** I get nervous when people suddenly decide I'm the soul mate they've been looking for. That's happened once or twice at Benny's playgroup. One mother keeps coming up with the craziest things for us to do, like "Let's go to the grocery store together!"

I'm serious. I can't imagine a more annoying prospect; Benny and I have a very set grocery routine, involving cheese slices from the deli, a shopping cart that looks like a car and small bags from the snack aisle for Benny to smush. Now, how am I supposed to work another mother and her cranky kid into that?

Another mother's schemes involve ideas for our monthly girl's nights out; her last one was a visit to a paint-your-own-pottery place. Frankly, my idea of a girl's night out involves pottery only if said pottery contains copious amounts of gin. This mother hosted a cookie exchange in December that I carefully missed.


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