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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Playgroup Empire Strikes Back

Episode XXVI: An Old Controversy

It is a dark time
for the Playgroup’s
Rebel Alliance. Previous
attempts to move the meeting day
from Wednesday have been repulsed
by the evil Galactic Mother’s Empire.

But the Rebel Mothers, strengthened by
a mighty host of squeaky toddlers, have launched
a counterattack by email. Will the Rebel’s
democratic system triumph over the iron fist of tradition?


To: Playgroup
From: Princess Leia
Subject: Down With the Imperialist System!

I think we have a pretty good idea of the playgroup days now. Friday turned out to be the favorite with seven votes (Anne L.,Anne R., Lynn, Jenie, Kathy, Janice, Jenny). Monday came in second with six votes (Anne L., Anne R., Victoria, Amy, Kathy, Elizabeth). Wednesday had five votes, Thursday had three and Tuesday had two.

I think if we alternate Mondays and Fridays we should accommodate everyone for at least one of the days.



I’m not sure why Leia listed the victorious names. Those who voted for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday weren’t worthy of mention. Anne L., Anne R. and Kathy have obviously established a power base with an eye toward world domination. I assume we peons should display proper obeisance at the next meeting.

The new schedule is just nuts. It took me 20 minutes to record the names and dates into my new Franklin planner. I think I need a secretary. Most weeks we end up with two playdates, which means a steady stream of emails from hosting mothers harping about RSVPs so they know how many muffins to bake.

Also, Ron and I had scheduled a vacation for my assigned date in March, which apparently wrecked everybody’s life and required a dozen more emails and frantic swapping.

Advice to new mothers: If you decide to join a playgroup, choose a dictatorship. Don't worry if the Playgroup Empress demands handwritten RSVPs and soy-enriched Cheerios. Count yourself lucky.

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