Benny and his friend Griffin at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Mommy Angst

Last night was rough. I only slept three hours and had nightmares the whole time. I dreamed I was lost, I dreamed I couldn't park the Beetle, I dreamed I couldn't get on the right freeway. Then I dreamed I had no shirt on and coudn't find one. Then I dreamed about dead baby animals. It just went on and on.

Ben cried all morning and I couldn't eat anything until after noon. Then he went to sleep, finally. We slept for two hours and both felt much better.

Then Ben had his first official bath. (He’d just had sponge baths before.) I just put the infant bath seat on a towel on the bathroom floor. He seemed to like it; at least he didn't cry. I took pictures cuz he was so cute. Then I dressed him in his warmest sleeper and put a hat on him.

Giddy from the success of this first experiment, I decided to put him in the big baby swing for the first time. He looked a
little freaked out, but still game. Now he's asleep. I'm in the office now, with Ben swinging in the swing and the kitty sleeping on a chair beside him.

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