Benny and his friend Griffin at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Midnight Musings

Almost midnight. My lifelong status as a night owl is being sorely tested. I'm typing at the computer while Ben sleeps in his carseat: his bed of choice. Forget the cute bassinet or heirloom crib; he's happiest sitting in a plastic carseat on the floor.

My friend L. had the same situation with her first baby, who would only sleep in her swing. L. and her husband actually moved the swing into their bedroom and put her in it at night. Hey, whatever works.

Anyway, so Ben's in the carseat, padded by a special u-shaped pillow so his big ol' head doesn't flop around. Both the carseat and pillow come from my sister. Actually nearly everything Ben uses is either a hand-me-down or a baby shower gift. We're seriously doing this baby on the cheap. I dropped a couple hundred on baby supplies two weeks before he was born, and Ron surprised me with a gliding rocker when we came home from the hospital. That's it.

I've bought him exactly one outfit, all green and blue, which I found in the hospital gift shop after one of my visits to the emergency room. I haven’t even entered a Baby Gap.

But really, he does have cute clothes already, mostly gifts from family and friends. He's got sleepers with duck feet, jumpers with frogs and overalls with cows. And he looks adorable in everything, although perhaps I'm biased. Since we didn't know the gender until he was born, he's got a lot of green and yellow. Come this summer, I'll probably set him down on the lawn and be unable to find him.


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