Benny and his friend Griffin at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Benny's First Birthday

Whoa, what an adventure! I spent nearly 10 days in Indianapolis with Mom, who, thank heavens, is much better. She is a very tough person. Benny ended up in Holland with Cindy since Ron couldn’t watch him and go to work.

I finally got back home with the Benster and started planning his first birthday party for the following Sunday. I was considering a 30-invitation birthday open house for Benny with a circus theme, but sanity prevailed. Now I was giving mostly family event. Just Ron's brother's family and his dad, my family, our next-door neighbors and Benny's daytime babysitter.

I hauled Benny all over Ann Arbor, buying groceries, presents and pirate decorations. (I just couldn’t resist that treasure map tablecloth.) It didn't match the invites ($3 a pack at Meijer), which had rocket ships. I'm a rebel.

Ethical dilemma: If I buy a Lego TIE fighter, put it together and hang it in Benny's room, does it count as a Benny gift? Or just a cheap attempt to win Mommy kudos while indulging my love of Legos?

Then I got the flu. Out of commission for three days. I perked up around midnight on Saturday – enough to bake cupcakes and try to wrap a 19-inch Spiderman ball.

Everything went beautifully, although Benny’s poor Aunt Maureen spent a half hour assembling the cardboard treasure chest. Benny loved all the company, Ron liked helping him open presents, and when I wasn’t being weirdly obsessive about munchies and drinks, I had a great time too.


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